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Utilizing renewable energy sources is our goal


        Important News if your considering Solar.

New Tax Federal Tax Credits effective January 1, 2009

-Solar Tax Credits Extended and the $2,000.00 Cap Removed!

-July 16th The Treasury released long-awaited guidance on how to convert the Individual Tax Credit (ITC) into a grant.

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About Us

     My name is Dick Kruse. People around here call me Dick, the Solar Guy. This all came about in 1998 when my wife and I installed a solar system where we live. It gave us a tremendous feeling of freedom and independence. Our neighbor asked me to install a system for him, I did, and that was the beginning of our business.

     Other people wanted to join my business for several reasons. Some wanted to help the environment, some wanted to help people be independent of the power companies, others wanted to help sportsmen power their hunting and fishing camps, and on and on.

      We currently sell equipment to do-it-yourselfers and offer free installation assistance over the phone. We also sell and install Solar and Wind systems that are either connected to the utility or are independent.

  • Our Mission is to help people become informed about Renewable Energy (Green Energy) so they can make informed, economical decisions about their energy usage and possibly generating their own power.

  •  We offer a variety of free literature and also suggestions on web sites to visit. You can call or email us for help to find answers to your specific questions.

  •  You are invited to make an appointment for us to do a site assessment where you plan to install a system.   For a  reasonable  fee, it will tell you if your site is suitable for renewable energy and if so what kind and the best place to locate it.

     Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you.

       Dick, The Solar Guy

       Member:   Midwestern Renewable Energy Association